The Hive in May 2014 in Copenhagen was a great success. We are biased, yes, but see for yourself and look at the official photos that Bridgee Melling of LittleStarBlog took for us.

We are already busy planing The Hive 2015. Every two years we will return to our roots and go back to Berlin.
We also change our subline too. We drop the words "blog conference" and will soon reveal the new subline. The reason is simple: We want to appeal not only to bloggers, but tastemakers, influencers and story tellers in general, since they also create content and influence their audience but are not bloggers in the classical sense.

But some things don't change!
Get to know the people behind the blogs/websites you have been reading, network with like-minded people and brands, explore possibilities, collaborate with others. 

There will be discussions, presentations and workshops. 

Make sure to follow along on our channels. Do contact us, if you have questions, want to be part of The Hive or want to voice your opinion. We are all ears.   

Everybody will leave The Hive with new ideas, new contacts and a happy feeling.  

There will be a lot of buzz in The Hive you have to be there.

The Hive team