What are we looking for in speakers for The Hive in general?

We have listened closely to the feedback we have received and what our visitors expect.

Speakers need to be comfortable to speak in front of big groups and be able to answer questions. You never know what will happen, therefore you need to be calm and collected. We look for speakers who can speak about their assigned/chosen topic with authority. The Hive is about moving forward in the blogging world. In order to do that, speakers need to have strong ideas and opinions to spark new ideas and opinions in bloggers. Think less "how-to" and more "inspiration".

What to consider before you apply or accept our invitation
  • Speakers will get full access to all keynotes, workshops and other official The Hive events without having to buy a ticket. If you have already bought a ticket and then we ask you to speak, we will refund you your money.
  • At this point The Hive won’t cover costs for travel and/or accommodation. However we are working on changing that. Please don't forget that this is the third year we are doing The Hive.
  • The Hive is also not covering any fees speakers might have.
Speakers Dos and Dont's
  • Due to fact that a lot of visitors had some more questions for speakers or wanted to socialize with them last time, we need speakers to be present for the two days of the conference. The Hive is about networking, learning and enjoying the company of wonderful people. People want to meet you, and sometimes you were the reason bloggers bought a ticket in the first place.
  • We are strict with the time we allotted to speakers. The two days are fully packed and we want to make sure the conference runs as smoothly as possible. Keep that in mind, when preparing your keynote.
  • You are welcome to prepare your keynote any way you choose. Please let us know if it is out of the ordinary though.
  • We ask that speakers don’t do any commercial pitches, but focus on ideas sharing.
Still interested in speaking?
  • While we invite most of the speakers based on personal opinion or requests from visitors, we also accept proposals.
  • Write us a short summary of the topic you have in mind, if it’s not self-explanatory.
  • We do not invite speakers back two years in the row. But we might ask speakers to return in other capacities (f. ex. run a workshop or speak on a panel).
  • Please send an e-mail to yvonne@thehive-conference.com we can not guarantee you a spot, but we promise we will talk it through.
What do we need from you, once you are a speaker?
  • A good (if possible a professional) front facing color photo of yourself.
  • A short text about you and your blog, that we can put on our speaker page (be creative in 200 words).
  • Your blog/website address.
  • Most visitors just listen and not everybody takes notes, therefore we want to make your keynote or a fact sheet available to our visitors after The Hive. Please have that ready before The Hive, so we can quickly put it online.
  • Please keep deadlines. We would hate that your information doesn’t reach the audience, due to missed deadlines.